The production of electronics is impossible without high-quality and reliable resistors, and the miniaturization of devices requires the use of resistive assemblies, which provide new opportunities for designers in their work. Thick- film technology allows you to create high- precision resistors with stable characteristics over a wide range of temperatures and times.
Thick film heater materials allow the creation of electrically and geometrically accurate heating elements, ideal for space-constrained form factors and extremely fast response (heat up) times of up to 150°C/sec. For heating operating temperatures from zero to 1000°C, thick film technology provides heating elements with exceptional environmental and chemical stability, which is important for extending product life and reducing cost of ownership. Creation of heaters on the basis of polymeric bases makes it possible to manufacture products for the temperature range up to 250°С. The use of metal bases ensures the expansion of the operating temperature of the heater up to 300°C, and heaters based on ceramic bases can operate up to 1000°C.

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